If you change nothing, then

nothing changes


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A little about me...

In the 12 years I have been Coaching, I have learnt that we all have the ability to grow and change; life is too short to run on auto pilot. But only you can make the decision to stop what is happening and be bold enough to decide enough is enough. 

Choosing to work with me is the magic ingredient to finding renewed purpose and tackling the most challenging problems you face. 

There is no one size fits all approach; I personalise my Coaching just for you, at your pace, while also providing an environment where you are really heard and understood.  Take the time to invest in yourself and generate the life you really want.


What you can expect from me:


My style is friendly but with purpose. When you work with me, we will develop a bond that will enable us to work together really effectively to achieve your goals. 

I will:

  • Listen to you without bias or judgment

  • Ask you powerful questions designed to challenge your thinking

  • Reflect back to you what you cannot always see yourself

  • Work alongside you to create ideas and options

  • Work with you to create realistic, time-framed and specific goals

  • Continually assess your progress to make sure you are heading in the right direction 

  • Encourage you to take the steps to have the life you really want, trusting you to know what that is

  • Help to create the magic that makes it all worthwhile 


 Lifecoaching Services

Relationship Coaching
  • Improve professional and personal relationships

  • Develop self-awareness 

  • Learn how your emotions drive your reactions

  • Understand where your values lie and how they play a role in relationships

  • Appreciate how your personality drives your choices – what do you really want?

Career Coaching 
  • Judge whether you are working to your strengths

  • Learn the importance of time management 

  • Understand how to improve your employability

  • Assess which skills can be transferred 

  • Develop the right focus to plan your future

  • Build confidence and self-belief

  • Manage change and career break transition

Motivation stalling? 
  • Learn to recognise what your true priorities are

  • Judge whether you are working with or against your core values

  • Develop focus on what is truly important

  • Appreciate what ‘balance’ means and whether you are achieving it

  • Understand where motivation comes from and how it can help

Wellbeing and Mindful Coaching
  • Prioritise your needs and develop a more balanced approach to life

  • Think about your personal goals – what have you always wanted to do?

  • Learn about the importance of developing ‘flow’ activities

  • Move on from emotional baggage that may be holding you back 

  • Develop self-awareness 

  • Understand the rewards of living in the moment

  • Acquire personalised strategies and tools to manage your ‘gremlins’

Confidence and Personal Development 
  • Increase confidence – tame that ‘inner critic’ and quell self doubt 

  • Understand which unhelpful beliefs are getting in the way of progress

  • Create a more balanced perception of yourself 

  • Understand what you are tolerating and how to deal with emotional ‘drains’

  • Design the life you really want and work out how to achieve it



“I first met Sarah at a point of significant change in my life, both personally and professionally, and instantly found her to be warm, intuitive and very focused on assisting me with the challenges ahead. After our first session, I felt clearer and happier about my route forward, and each successive session only served to build on the foundations we had created from the outset. 


“Sarah is positive, kind and very down to earth while at the same time managing to provide a clear and structured process, tailored to the individual's particular needs. 


“I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.”


S.P. Surrey


Questions you may have...

How many sessions will I need? 


This will depend on what you are hoping to achieve. To begin with, I would recommend four to six sessions – this is an investment in your future and creates sustainable change. The sessions should ideally be weekly to begin with then can be spaced further apart as progress is made.


All coaching sessions take place in the strictest confidence and the contents will not be disclosed to anyone. The exception, for obvious reasons, would be a threat to harm yourself or anyone else.

How much does Coaching cost?

Investing in your future requires commitment, so I can offer the following:

Single appointment £65

4 sessions £250

6 sessions £360

Both include an introductory 90 minute first session, subsequent meetings 60 minutes in person or via Skype/phone.

FREE 15 minute assessment phone call is available.

Where will I be coached?
My office in Oxshott, Surrey, provides a quiet and confidential environment. However, we can arrange to meet at another location if that would suit you better.