The big secret in life is that there is no big secret. Whatever your goal, you can get there if you're willing to work." Oprah Winfrey


I contacted Sarah at a time in my life when I was not feeling as positive as I usually do, finding it difficult to balance everything and needed to talk it through with someone independent and non-judgmental. I was pleasantly surprised to find that Sarah understood immediately where I was coming from and spoke to me on my level.  She did not let me dwell on how I was feeling but encouraged me to talk realistically about how I could make things better.  With Sarah's help I discovered the small steps which made a crucial difference to changing how I tackled issues so that I was helping myself make progress.
It didn't take many sessions for me to see what I needed to do to start thinking more positively again, I would not hesitate to recommend Sarah to anyone.  Sarena, Surrey

I felt quite flat when I first met Sarah, hence why I enlisted her help.  She made me feel calmer and really challenged me with interesting questions.  I tend to doubt myself, Sarah helped with techniques to manage confidence in my abilities and listen and trust my own instincts. I have had quite an emotional journey and have gained  huge insight into myself and how I have been living up until now.  With Sarah's support and encourgement I am moving forward with confidence to define my own future.  Anne, Surrey

My wonderful daughter entered her teens with a resounding bang! This proved to have repercussions within our family. She is a very bright girl who knows exactly what she wants but is not great when things do not go her way.
I felt embarrassed that I was having trouble controlling her and I didn't know where to turn as I felt I was "having a go" at her constantly - and then I met Sarah! She reminded me that my daughter is not the only teenager causing mayhem in their family (although I kind of knew this, it is extremely comforting to hear!).
What I loved about talking this through with Sarah was that she didn't say I was doing things wrong, but explained that although I can't change another person, I am able to change my thought process and actions. Instead of telling me how to fix things, she encouraged me to think of the solutions. Very clever!
I now have a daughter who still has her opinion, wishes and strops, but I feel stronger and more importantly, I have her respect.
Thank you Sarah - and I would highly recommend Sarah not just in dealing with teenagers but in many situations. T.T, Middlesex

I was coached by Sarah over the course of two months and the sessions really benefitted me. We discussed a wide variety of topics and she helped me organize myself in order for me to do the best I can in my upcoming exams. I did this by reviewing revision techniques, prioritization and specifically my time management. The sessions really helped me and I continue to put into practice what I learnt to enable me to keep on top of my A Level work. R.C, Surrey

Meeting with Sarah has helped Rebecca with the transition from GCSE at school to A levels at college. In the short term, she has helped her prioritize her time and deal with the shift to independent learning. Longer term, Sarah has helped her develop a strategy for how to approach choosing the right higher education course for her and recognizing her career aims and how to approach them. She has been able to discuss her views and receive valuable adult input from an objective, non-parental standpoint which has helped her identify key issues and aims, and how to approach them. L.C , Surrey

Sarah really delivered poignant yet caring and extremely helpful coaching. She listened very well and quickly identified my obstacles - rather she enabled me to identify the couple of things that were frustrating me and preventing me from moving on. I would definitely consult with her again and recommend her to others. M.O, Surrey

The coaching that Sarah Nevens has given me over the last few months has been invaluable. When I first met with her my life felt out of control. I was behind on everything at home and work - and felt extremely stressed by it all. I just couldn't see how to get things back under control. Through Sarah's coaching, I realized that much of the problem stemmed from my job, which constantly ballooned out of control. I had been unhappy for years but had never quite been able to figure out what to do about it. Through the coaching process, I mapped out a new direction, deciding to re-train. Thanks to Sarah's insightful coaching, I feel far less stressed than before and much more in control of my life. J.D, Surrey

I went to see Sarah because with three teenage girls in the house, tensions sometimes ran high! Sarah helped me come up with some strategies to help me and my husband deal with the issues on a daily basis that really worked. Sarah helped me understand that coaching isn't about getting answers from a third party, but instead finding them in yourself. Sarah's careful and skilled coaching methods made me feel less overwhelmed and able to implement the strategies with confidence. Two of my children have also had coaching sessions to help them move forward with some decisions in their lives. They found the experience very rewarding and motivating. S.A, Surrey

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