"In between goals is a thing called life, that has to be lived and enjoyed." Norman Vincent Peale


As a parent today, we often feel frustrated with the challenges of bringing up our children. As they grow in to teenagers, it can feel increasingly as though they are on a different planet. We are emotionally involved and need to feel an element of control over many aspects of their lives. This can bring conflict as the emerging adult in them fights for independence from us.

Coaching works with parents or teenagers to bring a new perspective to these difficult years. Parents and teenagers may benefit from talking to a coach in a completely confidential environment about subjects that are difficult to talk about with each other. When we are living as a family unit the close emotional as well as physical proximity can create barriers to effective communication. You can find new ways of approaching and resolving issues from your own valuable experience with the guidance and support of working with a qualified Coach.

Would you like to be heard as well as be a good listener?
How can you create a balanced parenting style?
What issues are constantly on your mind?
Would you like to feel more in control of your reactions?
Would you like to parent your children with confidence?
Are there behaviour issues which affect the family?
What can you do to support your teenager when decisions need to be taken?

As a Coach I understand the enormous benefit of creating a new way of looking at something so close to our hearts. As a parent I have the added benefit of experience in recognising when change can lead to better understanding.

"What I loved about talking this through with Sarah was that she didn't say I was doing things wrong, but explained that although I can't change another person, I am able to change my thought process and actions. Instead of telling me how to fix things, she encouraged me to think of the solutions for myself. Very clever!" T Taylor, Middlesex

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