"The question in life is not how much time do we have? The question is what shall we do with it." Anna Robertson Brown


Family Pressure

Amanda came to me for coaching when she was buckling under family commitments. Bringing up her own young children and running her business was stressful, but the added impact of problems with extended family, created enormous feelings of resentment. Through the coaching sessions, she was able to see that her relations relied on her too much, and Amanda’s resentment came from not putting her own priorities first. Through working with me, Amanda came to realize she needed to be more assertive without creating feelings of guilt. Having given herself permission to address this area of her life in a positive way, and the benefits it brought to feeling back in control, she felt empowered to put her own needs first in other areas of her life. This brought respect from those around her and greater balance and harmony within the family.

"Sarah asked very relevant searching questions that made me think. I felt really listened to and well guided." AK, Surrey

Career Crisis

Julie was feeling out of control of life, her work commitments were clashing with home and family time, resulting in a feeling of chaos in all areas of her life. Through our coaching sessions, she discovered that the root of the problems she was facing stemmed from her work. The hours were constantly being increased when deadlines were brought forward, leaving her feeling exhausted and unable to switch off. Added to this she was being paid inconsistently but felt guilty about saying no to the extra work. She realised that staying where she was in those circumstances was preventing her from being in control of her life. Through her sessions with me she found the strength and confidence to look at her future and make decisions based on what would make her happy and fulfilled. A few months after our first session, she gave her notice to her employer and committed herself to retraining in a field of work that was going to be stimulating and rewarding.

"Thanks to Sarah’s insightful coaching, I feel far less stressed than before and much more in control of my life." JD, Surrey

Dissatisfaction with Life

Carol came to me for coaching without a clear idea of what was wrong. Her life was undergoing change as her children were growing up and leaving home and her husband was in the process of changing his job. Together we looked at the different parts of her life, breaking it down into different sections. This gave a good overview of how she felt and where there were areas she wanted to develop.
As a proactive lady, she was able to set herself targets around some of those key areas and begin to move forward, however she also discovered that she had omitted her social life from the mix.
Through working with me, she was able to recognize that her natural friendship groups were through people in her professional world, but she had been ignoring the personal aspect of her network. Overcoming her old habit of not socializing at business events transformed her social life by opening up friendships with like-minded people. She grew in confidence and her self esteem was renewed, bringing greater balance to her life and work.

"Sarah really delivered poignant yet caring and extremely helpful coaching. She enabled me to identify the couple of things that were frustrating me and preventing me from moving on in other areas of my life." C.O Weybridge

Motivation with A Levels

I was contacted by a concerned parent regarding her daughter. After great GCSE success she had moved to a 6th form college for A Level studies. The first term had been challenging on many levels – coping with a very different learning environment, new expectations and increased work load combined with becoming an independent young adult.
I worked with the daughter over a two month period, she recognised the change of structure needed an increased commitment to self discipline, and formulated her own timetable to complete her work. Where coaching added value was to allow her to understand where she was in control, what personal resources she could use to help her with this stage of her education, and to keep a balance with her home life, college and friends. As part of the coaching session with me she completed a career drivers survey which identifies the core values she used in her life. From this, it became apparent that her university course needed further investigation as her values didn’t align with the career she was choosing.

"We discussed a wide variety of topics and Sarah helped me organize myself in order for me to do the best I can in my upcoming exams. I was able to prioritise, reviewed my revision techniques and paid specific attention to efficient time management. The sessions really helped me and I continue to put into practice the new structure which enables me to keep on top of my A level work." RC

"Longer term, Sarah has helped develop a strategy for how to approach choosing the right higher education course for my daughter, and recognizing her career aims and aspirations. She has been able to discuss her views and receive valuable adult input from an objective, non-parental standpoint which has helped her identify key issues and how to approach them." Parent

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