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"When I talk to Sarah, I feel like I have the undivided attention of someone who truly cares about me and my concerns. Working with Sarah, I find ways I can tackle my own self-doubt and lack of confidence, with gentle but specific guidance, and always come away from our meetings with new purpose and motivation." Claire, Middlesex


Taking the first step to talk about your life and the changes you would like to make, can be daunting. I hope that reading about the ways in which my coaching has been of benefit to others, will give you the confidence to contact me. I am a friendly, supportive ally with the skills and experience to help you learn about taking positive steps to benefit your life.

We all like to say in response to the question "How are you?" the reply, "I'm fine"

But how you are really feeling can be hidden well beneath the surface, causing daily anxiety and stress which can take its toll on other areas of your life.

Talking to me can be beneficial in coping with lots of difficult situations, for example –

Feeling undervalued at work or in a relationship?
Are you doing well, but feel you can achieve more?
Do you feel frustrated but not sure why?
Would you like to feel understood?
Be confident in social and business situations?
Would you like to feel in charge of your life and decisions?

My skill is in listening and using guiding questions to help you to understand the underlying obstacles which are preventing you from moving forward. A new perspective on your life can inspire you to make small changes which work towards the future you dream of. Simple but incredibly powerful when you can benefit from the actions you have taken.

If you do nothing, what will happen?
If you decide to do something what will happen?

"Happiness is not an accident. Nor is it something you wish for. Happiness is something you design." Jim Rohn

Please contact me either by email or telephone on -
07795 158712
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